Where should you purchase your Premier League Football Shirts

This post will discuss some options that you as the buyer have in today’s online world of purchasing a Football Shirt.

Buying your Football Shirts Online

It goes without saying that the majority of fans worldwide will make a purchase of their favourite UK Football Shirts on the amazing World Wide Web, why? more like why not! It is faster, easier, traceable, tracked, sometimes free postage but most of all we can peruse the online world of UK Soccer Shirts until our heart is content, we can amend, edit and design our own names and numbers and even add Premier League or even Champions League badges if we so wish and all at a touch of a button.

No waiting in long queues whilst holding onto your new football kit whilst people up ahead are choosing to have unbelievably the longest names you could imagine printed on the back of their shirts, wasting more of your precious time.

So what are our online choices……

Club Shop versus Online

Okay I have to admit that visiting your teams club shop is a special experience and something I wish we could all do at some point in our lives but let’s be honest, how many of us are lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend either a live match or simply visit the club store shop.

As an example: Manchester Utd claim to have over 650 million fans whilst Liverpool claim around 580 million which has most likely increased of late due to Liverpool FC’s superb run of form in both the Premier League (2nd) and more recently by winning the Champions League final for a sixth time when they defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2 – 0, with goals by Mo Salah and Divock Origi.

So, back to my point! How on earth can we all get to the club shop? We can’t and most of us will never walk through the gates but that’s okay, with the ability to purchase online from any of your chosen teams it couldn’t be any easier. So here it is, both experiences are amazing in their own right and have great options for offering their football shirts for sale, personally I would choose online every time mainly because I don’t like to feel rushed and I hate queues (which can sometimes happen in store), by choosing to purchase your soccer shirt online you have all the time in the world to make sure that you are happy with your choice, you can see what your name looks like on the back of the shirt, change the font or even change the whole name if you wish to one of your favourite players, all before you make a purchase.

There is no second chance in the club shop, once you have made your choice and the name has been printed there is no going back unless you want to pay twice, which is not an option most of us would even consider.

Official Football Shirts or Poor Copies

Be careful where you choose to buy!

There are some excellent 3rd party sellers online but like everything, there are good and bad everywhere so you want to be purchasing your official club football shirts and kits from a reputable online store that is advertising official merchandise and not just poor replica’s that won’t last or sometimes even look like what you believe to have purchased.

If you are on a budget and don’t care about quality or how long your shirt will last then go for it, take the risk and buy cheap but as the saying goes, ‘Buy cheap Buy twice’, don’t buy cheap football shirts in the UK, it’s really not worth it! You may find that the cheaper material will rip and fade in the wash, plus the risk of any print peeling away after only a few washes, is it worth it, I’d say definitely not.

Why buy here @premierleaguestore

Quality – Quality – Quality and that’s our promise.

How can we make that promise, well, let me explain. It’s simple, here at Premier league Store we strive to represent all Premier League Football Clubs directly so in effect we are offering the clubs’ official football kits on their behalf, bringing you a one stop shop where you can purchase all of your UK soccer shirts in one place! That has to be good, right!

We provide a smooth transition linking your purchase directly to your Football Club Shop of choice, simply choose your shirt, name it if you so wish and pop it into your basket, then simply repeat the process should you need a different club shirt. Process your payment and confirm your order which is then handled directly by your chosen club, packaged and shipped directly to you.

You do not pay us a penny for the convenience of this service, all merchandise is priced exactly as you would see it on the official club websites. We simply assist the clubs’ in marketing their own products, so our customers can buy with confidence in the knowledge that you are getting an Official Football shirt directly from your team’s club shop.


So, where can you buy football shirts in the UK for Premier League teams? I hope I have cleared that up for you but just in case. With over 1.1 Billion supporters just on two of the Premier League Clubs the likelihood is that the best place to make your purchase is online, it’s faster, easier and you have far more flexibility on choice, design and re-design plus all the time in the world to make your purchase.

Of course, you can if you want to visit individual club websites should you support different teams within your household OR you can bookmark this website premierleaguestore.com and make your online football shirt purchases year after year a more enjoyable and speedy process for you and all the family, get your kids involved in the search for their favourite shirts and just pop it into your basket whilst searching on the same site for another shirt from a different club in the knowledge that you are buying from your club directly, cool!

I love this concept and I would love to welcome your feedback on this post but also on this service to all Premier League supporters.

Thank you for reading

Happy Shopping

Premier League Store

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