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Welcome to Premier League Store – PLS was created with the intention of introducing you to all of your favourite Premier League Football Teams where you can access merchandise including Home and Away Kits direct from your club or via a third party seller, we strive to deliver this as soon as possible, however at this particular time we are simply a blogging site where we talk footballing facts and rumours, we hope you enjoy reading and continue to watch our growth in this market, I personally welcome any feedback or ideas for this site by making a comment below or by emailing support@premierleaguestore.com.

Our Vision

Premier League Store was created specifically to assist fans worldwide who support various teams within the UK’s Premier League. We hope you see the benefit of accessing the clubs Kits all in one place, Premier League Store.

We feel this approach also gives you the advantage of viewing various designs that you may not otherwise be aware of. How many of us have purchased a football shirt purely based on design rather than just because you are a fan? I know of several who have done this and I’m sure you do too.

We really hope that you find the PLS useful and easy to use.

Our Values

Customer Focussed – Consistently thriving to deliver a great experience for our customers

Honesty & Integrity – Honesty is the best policy and nothing is more important than displaying and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Expertise – PLS connects our customers to official merchandise, either directly to the Premier League Clubs or a third Party seller.

We’re committed to providing an excellent standard of service to our customers, Darren has been in business for over 15 years and has constantly achieved high levels of customer satisfaction and continues to build long-lasting business relationships, built on trust and recommendations.

Happy Shopping!

Darren – Founder of premierleaguestore.com

Email – support@premierleaguestore.com

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